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Branch Warren Wins 2011 Arnold Classic. Dennis Wolf his 2th, Victor Martinez 3th, Evan Centopani (4th) and Dexter Jackson (5th) complete the podium. Warren turned pro by winning the heavyweight division at the 2001 NPC Nationals, and is today a threat in any contest he enters. He's been an ever-present at the last five Arnold Classics with a record that includes one second place (2006) and two thirds (2009 and 2010). This Texas Tornado is renowned for his Herculean physique and blue-collar take-no-prisoners approach to training. Having won the Most Muscular trophy four times in his Columbus career he is at 36 a logical winner.
Despite very strong competition from both Dennis Wolf (Best Poser) at his best ever and Victor Martinez in top condition, Branch Warren did indeed leave the Columbus Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium not only with his fifth Most Muscular award, but also first place and all that goes with it: a $130,000 check, a $20,000 Audemars Piquet watch, a Tony Nowak leather jacket, and a Joska crystal trophy. He also now joins the list of legends that have won the Arnold Classic that includes Rich Gaspari, Shawn Ray, Kevin Levrone, Flex Wheeler, Ronnie Coleman, and Jay Cutler.
pics by Perl Bernal and Dan Ray
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