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Joining the Mr. Olympia on stage was the Olympia 212 Showdown, but this contest was not so close. With three-time champion Kevin English opting to sit out, it was thought to be wide open – that idea disappeared when Flex Lewis hit the stage. He used a year off and new 212 lb. weight limit to his advantage coming in at a shredded 205 lbs. In past years his back was said to be a weakness, but in 2012 it was dense, wide, and detailed. Add to that his trademark striated glutes and Flex had the goods to win every back pose. He was just as good from the front making a complete package that could not be beat. Flex Lewis is now an Olympia Champion.
In second, 2008 202 Showdown Champion David Henry showed up ready to reclaim the title. After spending a year overseas serving his country, Henry showed he is back to form and a tough man to beat. The Giant Killer displayed no noteworthy flaws, but on this night he simply got beat. Flex was just a little bigger, a little harder, and little better.
Third went to the ultra shredded Eduardo Correa. While he might have been the most peeled bodybuilder in the building, he lacked the structure to beat Lewis or Henry.
pics by Per Bernal
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