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The winner of the night at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium is France’s Lionel Beyeke, with Canada’s Ben Pakulski in 2nd and Fouad Abiad in 3rd place. A controversial decision for many, as it looked like Abiad was the front runner to win the show after the prejudging. The top 5 was rounded off with Shawn Rhoden in 4th and Brazil’s Eduardo Correa in 5th places. So it begun, the new competitive season for the professional league, with a new champion from Europe and one qualification for the Mr. Olympia. Lionel Beyeke has won the 2nd ever Flex Pro and has earned himself the sole qualifying spot for the 2012 Mr. Olympia, under the new IFBB rules. With most of the guys in today’s top 5 competing in the 2012 Arnold Classic, it looks like things are getting very exciting for the Columbus show. Will they be able to peak again in two weeks time and will they be able to upset veterans of the sport like Warren, Jackson, Kefalianos, Wolf and Badell ? Stay tuned!
Lionel brought size, shape, and symmetry that were unrivaled on this stage, but his conditioning left something to be desired. During the pre-judging he looked to be battling it out for third, but Beyeke came back to the finals looking a bit harder and it was enough to push him into first. As it was said countless times tonight: If this guy can ever get peeled he can hang with the best in the business. After pics and video of the prejudging, see under final show pics.
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