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IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Denis Sergovskiy is one of the most exciting muscle sensations to hit the bodybuilding competition scene in a long time. In 2005, he burst onto the American bodybuilding scene. Originally from Moscow, Denis has lived in the U.S. Currently living in Las Vegas, Denis decided to compete at the NPC 2007 Mr. LA. where he took the Super Heavyweight Class. Standing tall at t 6 feet, 1 inches with perfect symmetry, astonishing muscle detail and separations.
Denis receiving his Pro Card in 2008.
Johan Karouani is a star on the French bodybuilding scene. The Parisian can thanks his Moroccan background for his dark good looks. At only 23 years of age, Johan has already packed on an enormous amount of muscle size that brings in the serious bodybuilding fans; his chiseled good looks certainly help his popularity. This is one popular young muscle star should be around for awhile.
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